Newborn Photography

Nothing flies by faster than those first sacred weeks at home with your new baby. Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home or birthing facility. I understand what an undertaking it is to pack up that newborn (and maybe siblings) for a trip in the car; save yourself that hassle and let me come to you, just as you are. I’ll bring freshly washed props and blankets and create a comfortable, relaxed environment for photos. No agendas, lots of time for breaks, and babe sets the pace.

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“It was lovely to invite Sarah into our home for photos of our son. She was one of the first people to come into our space during this pandemic and she was nothing but careful and respectful. She has a talent for entering a space gently and unobtrusively. It was very comfortable to be photographed by her. Sarah did a lovely job with a baby who did not feel like posing and I’m so glad that she was able to capture some lovely moments with him.”

Anne K

Pricing & Packages

Fresh 48

Within first 2 days of birth, in the home or birthing facility, this session captures these precious, soft, fleeting moments with your brand new human. Session takes up to three hours to allow babe plenty of opportunities to feed and be comforted.



Within the first fourteen or so days of birth, in the comfort of your own home. Session takes up to two hours to allow babe plenty of opportunities to feed and be comforted, and to allow the entire family to relax and enjoy the process.