Guide to planning a music tour

Planning a music tour can be tasking especially for a band doing it for the first time. The main things that can make a music tour a success is taking quality time planning for the tour and doing plenty of promotions. One consideration that you should make first before starting to plan on a music tour is whether you have managed successful shows in your locality. That way you will be able to determine if you are able to deliver quality shows when out on a music tour such as Below is a comprehensive guide to planning a music tour that will be beneficial to your music career.


Booking timeline

Avoid the last minute rush while booking venues for your shows especially if you are going to visit cities where you have not held any shows before. Having booked venues at least two months before the tour begins will give you adequate time to comfortably run other errands towards the success of your music tour.

Know your routes

It is advisable to get venues, which will allow you to travel for minimal hours when going for the show. Google maps will help you plot out the cities you want to visit and the most convenient routes to access them. While route planning also includes stop overs to avoid making the journeys too exhausting for the band.

Venue type

It is important to note that you won’t just go for any beautiful venue that seems big enough to accommodate your expected audience. The venue you will go for should also be determined by the kind of music your band does. Rock music bands are better placed in rock clubs, block parties and basement venues. If your band does the mellow kind of music, it is recommendable to look out for venues like listening rooms, cultural and art and gallery centers.


With creating promos for your music tour, you will need to be as much creative as you can so as to catch the maximum number of the audience you intend to reach. This could involve sending several posters to all the venues meant to hold your shows. Remember to keep your promo project within your budget to avoid incurring regrettable losses.


If you are just beginning on your music career, it is definite that you will not be ready to invest on renting a hotel to spend the nights on your music tour. Well, that does not mean you will spend the night in your traveling cars after an exhaustive show. If you can hook up with friends in the cities that you are touring and have them offer you accommodation it will save you a big deal.

Save up

dskjdskjdsjdsjsaskjA music tour has its own expenses no matter how much you may try to cut down the cost. There are crucial things like fuel for the cars, food and other emergencies that cannot be avoided. To avoid financial strains during the tour, it is important that the band members start saving up and get sponsorships early enough for the necessities of the tour.

With a great planning strategy, you can be able to make the best out of your music tour. The tips highlighted above will be of great help in planning for your music tour if put into consideration.

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